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To those of you upset by my comments about the book signing,

I’m not an arrogant bitch. I was observing something that I viewed as inappropriate. Dressing up as Castiel for a book signing that has nothing to do with Supernatural is the equivalent to dressing up as the Terminator…

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Anonymous asked:
did someone ask a supernatural related question? what do you mean by "plugging Supernatural into it" ?



Fortunately no, but they were filtering people when it came to the questions, and Misha was looking through his Facebook and Twitter for relevant questions.
What bothered me was that the people who were in the line with us didn’t even bother to crack the book open, and were constantly talking about how since Misha didn’t have a bodyguard/handler with him, that they should “attack” him.
I get being excited about seeing a celebrity, I really do. But when you go to an event that’s clearly designed to promote something else, and something that he’s very into, it’s uncomfortable to be surrounded by fans whose rabidity is for him because of Supernatural, not for his friend Matthew’s novel.
I feel that this was cemented by seeing a young woman dressed in cosplay at the event; it’s a clear indication that they didn’t care about the novel, something that Misha was clearly fond of and waited for 10 years for Matt Thomas to finish writing, and decided to make it an Supernatural thing. People were tossing their books on the ground, mistreating them, and not paying attention to the actual discussion of the novel. It came off as disrespectful to not only Matthew Thomas, but to Misha Collins as a person as well.

It makes me really sad to hear that fans behaved this way :/

People need some Aretha Franklin in their lives.